#ModularSynth Live Jam, with live looping. video modular synth

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#ModularSynth Live Jam on home made modular synth, with live looping. video modular synth


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First live session of the year. using a vegetable Oil can to set the pace. and just a whole lot of modular. and pitched vocals.

Recording is on soundcloud :- https://soundcloud.com/lookmumnocomputer/live-first-modular-live-session-of-the-year

Vegetable tin goes into a very dodgy looper I'm working on, more info to come. what you see is the extent of its functions though, and it only works in that tempo, for now. juno 106, has max release and is going into a VCA controlled by modular stuff, the sequence was pre programmed before i filmed, so it was a case of increasing the length half way through to open up the rest of the bass riff.

Lots of Arduino's involved. for sequencing modules, arduino nanos to be precise.

Drums are Hexinverter Électronique Mutant drums. except for the clap which is a sample on a SparkFun Electronics, Inc. Wav Trigger. VCO's are jurgen hailble's living VCO's, going into an ms20 style filter, schematic can be found by ian fritz. loads of other stuff..... testing out a panning module i made too which is more of just a switching module.

Yamaha CS10. Vocals going into a Roland vocal transformer then into a Boss Effects Pedals DS-1.

any questions just ask (Y)

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Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day :P

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