S4A Podcast Ep. 4 | Our Favorite Podcasts + Apple Homepod Leaving Rings on Wood Furniture?

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Apple's Homepod is leaving rings on Wood Furniture. We discuss how this might have happened and is Apple stretching themselves too thin to catch glaring mistakes.

Google Project Zero has found a bug in a competitors software - Microsoft Edge. Project Zero is a company run by Google that finds bugs in other companies software and we discuss how we feel about a company like this.

And we end on our favorite podcasts and what makes them special. Mikee's favorite is The Message and Titus' is Reply All. The Message is a bingeable high quality audio drama and Reply All is show that exposes interesting stories from the internet. We do admit Reply All is a bit hit and miss.

Also the Search for Awesome Podcast is moving to it's own channel - and we discuss why and the direction of it.

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0:40 Topics of the Week

0:58 Mikee is Bitter

1:33 The Search For Awesome Podcast Moving

4:01 Apple Homepod Leaves Rings On Wood Furniture

11:37 Google Project Zero Finds Microsoft Edge Bug

19:13 Mikee's Favorite Podcast: The Message Podcast Discussion

23:42 LifeAfter Podcast Discussion

28:22 Titus' Favorite Podcast: Reply All Discussion

47:05 Comments and Questions

Stuff we talked about:

The Message Podcast: http://themessagepodcast.com

Reply All: https://www.gimletmedia.com/reply-all

Alex Goldman investigates phone scammers: #102 Long Distance

Girl has medical problems and the internet helps: #42 Blindspot

Facebook using your mic? #109 Is Facebook Spying on You?

Cellphones GPS pointing to someone's house #53 In The Desert

Someone lost their bitcoin #115 The Bitcoin Hunter

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Google found another bug in Microsoft’s Edge browser: https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/19/google-project-zero-microsoft-edge-browser-vulnerability/

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